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The 3rd Annual “San Diego Regional Security Conference” & Exposition (formerly The C4ISR, CyberSecurity, Robot Platforms & Sensors Conference)

September 14-15, 2010

TSN’s 3rd annual San Diego Regional Security Conference, was held on September 14-15, and focused on the five strengths of San Diego: C4ISR, CyberSecurity, Robots, Secure Communications, and Sensors. Topics of focus include; Information Assurance and the relationship to CyberSecurity, Identity Management, Data Integrity, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Security Testing and Audit Technologies, Ensuring and Fusing Secure Data at the C4 Level, Cyber Secure Robotics and Promoting Global Security.

Because of the horizontal nature of security, TSN reaches across the spectrum of industries, markets and governments.

The first day focused on cyber security, with the SD chapter of the Information Systems Security Association holding its annual “SecureSD” conference in conjunction with The Security Network. The second track on day one focused on cyber technologies. Day two focused on the subsystems of C4ISR, including secure communications.

This year The San Diego Regional Security Conference featured participation from the NSA Tech Transfer Program Office and The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office.

The NSA Tech Transfer Program Office was showing technologies available to license at the 3rd annual San Diego Regional Security Conference. The National Security Agency has established a formal technology transfer mechanism for openly sharing technologies with the external community.  Agency mathematicians, scientists, and engineers, along with academic and research partners, have developed cutting-edge technologies. The NSA Technology Transfer Program office will be an exhibitor at the 3rd annual San Diego Regional Security Conference looking for potential licensees for valuable advanced technologies in the following core areas:

Advanced Computing, Advanced Mathematics, Communications and Networking, Information Processing, Microelectronics and Other Technologies

The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO).  Working closely with over 100 Government agencies, State, and local government, law enforcement organizations, and national first responders, CTTSO leverages technical expertise, operational objectives, and interagency sponsor funding. This collective approach to resource and information sharing positions the CTTSO to gather front line requirements that service multiple users — a distinct advantage in the combating terrorism community.  CTTSO maintains a broad awareness of emerging security technologies and is using the TSN as part of that effort.  CTTSO is providing a keynote speaker for the 3rd Annual San Diego Regional Security Conference and will be chairing the panel of judges for the Global Security Challenge West Coast Regional Semi-finals on 16 September.