Exhibitors at The 8th Annual “The Security Summit” & Investor Day

Atlas Products

Atlas Products International has grown steadily since it was launched in 1992 and now has a well-established international reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking B2B and data security solution company. Atlas assists organizations to become more efficient and secure by providing solutions for Secure Data Exchange, Electronic Data Interchange, Global Data Synchronization and Supply Chain Finance. Atlas Secure Exchange is a complete data communications service that provides secure, auditable, data delivery and file transfer. It can be used to transfer any type of data including health records, financial and legal documents, video, audio and binary data.  Organizations can rapidly and affordably deploy the Atlas SDX technology to transfer data of any size, from any platform, utilizing minimal resources.     Key features include: ease of use, centralized management, non-repudiation, data compression, digital signatures, built-in-certificate management, assured data integrity, audit tracking & logging.  Security organizations may be particularly interested in the ability to incorporate 3rd party encryption algorithms and certificate management systems.

Company Objective: Develop long term relationships with people in the security industry, develop business partnerships and assist new customers.

Cahon Systems Inc.

Cahon Systems Inc., specializes in application specific communication products and systems, with a strong market focus in Security, Command, Control and Communications.

Current product range includes:

  • Flight qualified Iridium™ satellite data and voice modems for UAV systems, currently in service.
  • Ruggedized Iridium™ terminals in service with the US Military.
  • Inmarsat™ Swift Broadband© and BGAN© terminals (we are Thrane & Thrane plus Vizada channel partners) integrated into Cahon’s flight qualified UAV products with many differing data and voice interfaces.
  • R2R™, a new product under development, specifically aimed at the first responder market. Allows simple integration of dissimilar products into a combined net with particular emphasis on securely integrating with military equipment. Designed for quick deployment or static installations. Its interfaces also include satcom, cell phones and PABX systems along with the internet and VOIP. Enhanced capabilities include video and high-speed data for situational awareness. This modular product is highly scalable and easy to expand as needs grow.
  • Intelligent IP video multiplexer. Uses and converts among all forms of IP protocols on the fly: One to many, many to one. Scalable and expandable. It overcomes many of the issues associated with today’s requirements for flexible high volume distribution of video to meet the diverse demands of many users.

Many of these products are powered by DITRIX™, an innovative communications software package developed by Spark Integration Technologies of Vancouver, Canada. Cahon is proud to partner with Spark to produce robust, scalable hardware/software communication products.

Company Objective: Expand our contact base, demonstrate some of the technology and widen the sales potential.

CIC Technology P.L.

C.Q.R.iT® (Secure It) Hard to Pronounce, easy to use.

Stop Looking For Your Keys

CIC Technology provides a range of high quality, electronically managed key cabinets as well as other key management products aimed at increasing the security of facilities and physical asset management.

Why use an electronic key solution?

CIC Technology designs, manufactures and supports a full range of electronic key cabinets that control, monitor and record access to an organisation’s keys, assets and resources. With the flexibility to interface with a multitude of biometric, proximity and other external authentication systems and its elegantly simple software allows even complex key access rules to be configured with a few simple clicks, CQRiT® integrates seamlessly into any organisation.

How do you secure and monitor all your keys? In today’s heightened security environment, securing physical keys is still a day-to-day problem that is not addressed in the corporate and government sectors. Inappropriate use of keys continues to lead to serious breaches in security as well as loss of stock and critical corporate information. Recently, a high profile client was asked if they could find a key quickly. The answer was “Not really, in fact I might not find the key at all. We don’t really know where the keys are from one day to the next”

Innovative design and modern production techniques has meant that complex, secure key management is available at attractive, competitive pricing. Simple, intuitive repair processes, reliable operation and limited user housekeeping minimizes on-going costs ensuring a short term ROI.

CIC Technology has a strong market presence in Australia and Asia and are the preferred suppliers to the Australian Department of Defence. With a significant client list CIC Technology and the C.Q.R.iT® product is ready to tackle the US market. Clients include casinos, correctional facilities, Federal, State and Local Government, universities and any organisation without appropriate key management and security arrangements.


ESET NOD32R Antivirus Version 4 Business Edition is a highly effective endpoint security solution designed to provide proactive protection against Internet threats. Advanced ThreatSenseR engine proactively protects against virus outbreaks even before signature updates for new threats are available. ESET NOD32 guards your systems against unauthorized manipulations. Installation, updates, alerts and other tasks are all easily managed by Remote Administrator, even for hundreds of thousands of users. ESET NOD32 Antivirus stops malware that others miss, has few false positives and users won’t experience slowdown when they work. This means fewer help desks calls and a longer life for your PCs. As part a community program, ESET is leading an initiative called “Securing Our eCity.” The initiative is focused on fostering public / private partnerships at local, state, national and international levels and helping to create a cybersecure San Diego community. Stakeholders, including consumer advocates, business owners, and governmental agencies (law enforcement and legislative bodies) are coming together to raise awareness, offer education and help individuals and businesses prepare for cybersecurity challenges now and in the future.


Warfighters, law enforcement professionals, and first responders turn to Esri for the geospatial technology to access, analyze, and visualize complex data and get answers to what’s happening and where. Esri, the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, provides a wide variety of communities with a standards-based enterprise platform for servers, desktops, and mobile devices.

Innovative uses of GIS as a critical infrastructure include the Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit (CJMTK), which the U.S. Department of Defense relies upon as the toolkit standard for C2I developers; NATO’s Core Geographic Services project for support of mission-critical and time-sensitive decisions; and the ruggedized, field-ready CJTMK Geospatial Appliance (CGA) that provides on demand, mission-ready maps using National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) geospatial data to warfighters, analysts, and mission planners.

Eye Solutions

Eye Solutions develops and produces platform independent mobile security solutions for governments, companies and individuals. Platform maximizes the capabilities of the smartphones in imaging and tracking with combined operations with server platform.

Main business partners and sales channels are security market companies and mobile operators.

The SIM Security Platform contains software installed into a mobile device and a server used to analyze the data collected by the devices. The platform is modular, and it is very easy to handle and automatic provisioning system makes it very scalable.

Our unique software maximizes battery and bandwidth usage to enable people to communicate live situations to a server and enable easy access to the information.

Mobile phone becomes advanced one-touch broadcasting and security unit. Stream is continuously recorded at the server and same time relayed over the internet to view. Platform is divided to different modules for different market segments.

Harbor Wing Technologies

Runner-up – First Responder, Port & Maritime Security category

“Most Innovative Security Products & Services Competition”

Harbor Wing Technologies was founded in 2002 by RADM Stuart Platt and Mark Ott, Harbor Wing Technologies Inc. is developing its Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV) to perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and other missions for the Navy, including environmental law compliance and anti-piracy/anti-intruder operations, at far lower cost than conventional ships, aircraft or helicopters by eliminating on-board personnel and the use of fossil fuel.  Our technology demonstrator prototype passed its sea trials in Hawaii in June 2007 and is being operated and upgraded in Navy facilities at Ford Island.  The production AUSV will be a tri-hull vessel 50 feet long and 50 feet wide, with a sixty-foot-high aerodynamic hard airfoil WingSail and robotics technology that will enable it to sail itself along a predetermined GPS-based course; to provide persistent area coverage within designated coordinates; or to be controlled remotely from a command station on a ship or on shore.  It will be capable of operating with and controlling an unmanned aerial system such as Insitu’s Scan Eagle or ACR’s Silver Fox aircraft.  The AUSV platform will have the power and carrying capacity to deploy government-furnished mission-specific sensors and communications equipment and to act as a netted unit in UV Sentry or FORCEnet architectures.

HALO Corporation

The HALO Corporation is a California based organization founded by former Special Operations, National Security, and Intelligence personnel. HALO exists to provide safety and security for those in need. Our services offer operational security, executive protection, humanitarian aid, disaster response, threat assessment and mitigation. We have strategically aligned ourselves with experts and academia from around the world. Combined, we have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the fields of counter-terrorism, physical and technical security, expeditionary logistics, disaster response, humanitarian aid, and international medicine.

It’s Me!

“Leading the Next Generation of User Verification”

Winner – Cyber Security / IA category

“Most Innovative Security Products & Services Competition”

As can be evidence by today’s headlines, user verification is perhaps the greatest challenge to e-commerce security. In recent years there have been a number of new technologies developed to make verification more secure, yet they are often too difficult for everyday users to incorporate effectively, too costly to install and maintain or too limited in their scope of use to be used pervasively.

It’s Me! is a unique (patented) User Authorization system that uses a process of pattern recognition against a table of random numbers and logical or arithmetic functions to provide users with One-Time Passcodes (OTP) at each login event. Our system provides extremely high levels of verification security and requires hackers to witness numerous login events including both the reference table and the user response in order to begin to determine the code.

Studies at top universities as well as real user experience have shown that users find It’s Me! to be easier to remember, and more enjoyable to use than passwords or PINs.

It’s Me! is totally software based which means that it can be used anywhere that passwords, PINs or any other devices are used. In fact it can be easily incorporated in all electronic security systems from computer systems to electronic doors to banking systems or any electronic system that requires protection. It also means that there are no expensive add-ons like hardware or fobs to buy, maintain or replace when lost or stolen.

At long last there is a user verification product that offers the highest levels of security, is easy to use and can be cost effectively implemented on almost any platform, It’s Me!.


Runner-up – Cyber Security / IA category

“Most Innovative Security Products & Services Competition”

Jetico provides military-standard data protection software for sensitive and mission-critical data throughout the lifecycle. Approved for use by the U.S. Department of Defense, Jetico’s BCWipe surgically clears selected data such as in response to classified data spills, while BCWipe Total WipeOut erases entire hard drives for disposal or decommission. Jetico’s BestCrypt disguises the data you keep with strong encryption that’s easy to use.

Kratos Defense & Security Systems

The Security Network is pleased to announce that Kratos has once again provided a “Uniformed Personnel Sponsorship” that will enable personnel from uniformed services to attend The Security Summit. Interested parties should contact Bill Riedy at briedy@thesecuritynetwork.org.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, and with offices around the United States and in key customer locations, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc (NASDAQ: KTOS) is an innovative provider of mission critical engineering, IT services, public safety and security integration, and war fighter solutions.  We work primarily for the U.S federal government, but we also perform work for state and local agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies.  Our principal services include Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR), Weapons Systems Lifecycle Support, Military Weapon Range and Technical Services, Network Engineering Services, Advanced IT Services, Security and Surveillance Systems, and Critical Infrastructure Design and Integration Services.

We offer our customers solutions and expertise to support their mission-critical needs by leveraging the Company’s skills across our core service areas.

The diversified and stable client base of Kratos, along with strong client relationships, a broad array of contracts, a highly-skilled employee base with possession of government security clearances, and significant management and operational capabilities positions Kratos to become the leading professional services provider for federal government customers.

L-3 Communications Corporation

L-3 Communications Corporation is a leading supplier of a broad range of products and services used in a substantial number of aerospace and defense platforms. We are also a major supplier of systems, subsystems and products on many platforms, including those for secure networked communications and communication products, mobile satellite communications, information security systems, shipboard communications, naval power systems, missiles and munitions, telemetry and instrumentation and airport security systems. We also are a prime system contractor for aircraft modernization and operations & maintenance (O&M), Command, Control & Communications (C3), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) collection systems and services, training and simulation, intelligence services and government support services. Our customers include the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and its prime contractors, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Government intelligence agencies, major aerospace and defense contractors, allied foreign government ministries of defense, commercial customers and certain other U.S. federal, state and local government agencies.

LRAD Corporation

Runner-up – First Responder, Port & Maritime Security category

“Most Innovative Security Products & Services Competition”

LRAD Corporation (formerly American Technology Corporation) is the founder and leading provider of the LRAD® (Long Range Acoustic Device™).  LRAD Corporation’s product line assists land, sea-based and security personnel to determine the intent of potential threats at safe distances, providing operators time and distance to scale their response. LRAD’s directed acoustic hailing devices provide focused broadcasts to intelligibly transmit critical information, instructions and warnings over distances from 100 meters to 3,000 meters. LRAD creates increased stand-off and safety zones, determines intent, supports resolution of uncertain situations, and potentially saves lives on both sides of the device.

QuintessenceLabs Pty Ltd

QuintessenceLabs Pty Ltd, a private company founded in 2006 based on research at the Australian National University, has developed link encryption and key management products using quantum key distribution (QKD) and supporting the one-time pad cipher.

Virtually all currently deployed cryptographic systems use algorithms and protocols whose security is dependent on one or more of the following assumptions:

  • Efficient mathematical attacks will never be feasible; e.g. efficient factorisation algorithms will never be developed;
  • Computing resources will never be sufficiently powerful for brute force or algorithmic attacks;
  • Public key infrastructure will always be secure from attack;
  • New technology, such as quantum computing, will never be developed to sufficient scale to support efficient operation of factorisation (or similar) algorithms.

QuintessenceLabs’ products demonstrate security technology that can be used now, and in tomorrow’s networks.

The QLE-1 link encryptor securely interconnects Ethernet networks over IP networks. Security over the WAN

is provided by the information-theoretic secure one-time pad cipher.

The QKM-1 key manager securely distributes key material over passive optical networks using continuous variable quantum key distribution technology developed by the QuintessenceLabs’ team. A quantum random number generator provides a true random source of raw key material.

The system dynamically adjusts operational parameters to maintain security of key material in the presence of an eavesdropper on the network. Eavesdropping activity results in variations of the quantum statistics of the transmission – revealing the presence of the eavesdropper. This novel capability is not possible with conventional systems.

Unlike conventional cryptographic infrastructure, QuintessenceLabs’ products do not require regular re-keying, do not rely on a PKI, and do not place trust in any third party entity or infrastructure for the secure delivery and management of key material.

External interfaces of QuintessenceLabs’ products are standards based, allowing interoperation with legacy devices and management systems.

Company Objective: Seek qualified organisations to participate in quantum communications projects. Project objectives include:

  • Experience deploying and using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology to protect critical information assets;
  • Demonstration of higher security alternatives to existing infrastructure;
  • Showing that QKD is practical today; and,
  • Giving early access to QKD products.


SALT Ltd is a spin-out company from the UK MoD and specialises in the design and production of underwater sonar markers. These inexpensive markers are used to mark cables, pipes and any subsurface equipment supporting both military and commercial markets. The SonarBell™ is a unique device; it is completely passive and has no moving parts or batteries. It is inert and has no environmental impact and provides a long term marker for all the major off-shore industries

Having spent years reducing underwater sonar signatures to support Royal Navy ships and submarines, we turned our knowledge on its head to develop a passive device that was “as loud as possible” when exposed to an incoming signal and the SonarBell™ concept was borne. For locating and marking assets underwater both private and public sectors had always used corner reflectors and acoustic transponders to mark and locate underwater assets on the seabed. The disadvantage of the corner reflectors is that when trying to locate an asset on the sonar screen they are very ‘glinty’ and because of this they appear and disappear. They are very heavy and difficult to handle when deployed and recovered. Whereas the SonarBell™, because it is Omni-directional, it means that it can be located easily, it is lighter and therefore easier to handle. Transponders are powered by batteries and therefore require a regular battery replacement cycle, whereas the SonarBell™ is inert, stable and completely passive and requires no maintenance.

SonarBell™ operates by focusing and reflecting sound energy, much as a lens or mirror can focus light and just like a lens or mirror, SonarBell™ is a completely passive device. By focusing and re-radiating the sound energy back in the direction from where it came, a 200mm SonarBell™ can deliver the same sonar target strength as a 2m diameter metal sphere.

Senetas Corporation Limited

Senetas Corporation Limited is a data protection company that was established in Australia in 1997 and publicly-listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:SEN), is the world’s leading developer and supplier of high speed network encryption hardware products.

Senetas designs and manufactures its products within Australia for sale domestically and across more than 40 countries through its extensive reseller network. Senetas encryption technology, which is accredited to the highest international government security standards (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+), is also manufactured under Original Equipment Manufacturing licences and sold by technology partners within the EU and United States.

Used to secure some of the world’s most critical networks, the high-speed network encryption devices developed by Senetas enable the secure transmission of information in motion across the major network topologies. Senetas also developed with Swiss partner, IDQuantique, the world’s first commercial hybrid quantum encryptor providing unsurpassed data security when it was deployed to protect a vital communications link for Switzerland’s national elections and last year was part of a quantum-based cryptography solution for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Durban, South Africa.

Securing all network types at line speed from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps, Senetas encryption hardware is purpose-built data protection, essential in protecting communications for government, military, law enforcement and leading financial institutions across Australia, USA, Middle East, Asia, and the EU.

Senetas Corporation also provides enterprise consultancy services in partnership with Microsoft, IBM and Novell to deliver a range of tailored business intelligence, infrastructure, storage and secure cloud-based applications, including MonitorStream, its latest encrypted application services solution. Customers include government agencies, multinational corporations and not-for-profits.

Senetas is represented in USA by Scout Secured Communications, a division of Scout Industries, LLC, a Service Disabled Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which also carries the designations of Small Disadvantage Business, HUB Zone, and Veteran owned. Scout’s teleport in White Springs, Florida (USA) (which includes two ground stations, siSAT1 and siSAT2) has three ALSAT licenses that are among the most useful and flexible available in the US.

Company Objective: Australia’s world-leading network encryption company Senetas introduces its latest data protection technology and cloud-based security applications available through new US reseller partner, Scout Industries LLC, a Service Disabled Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which also carries the designations of Small Disadvantage Business, HUB Zone, and Veteran owned.

Spark Integration

Spark Integration’s software suite consists of a secure, unobtrusive, publish/subscribe messaging framework together with engineer-centric development tools to substantially simplify the creation of complex electronic systems using distributed system development methods. The framework is highly robust, with extremely low latency capability and very low impacts on processing power, network traffic and energy resources. It is designed to scale from 4-bit microcontrollers to 64-bit processors and across very complex interconnected systems.

System Builder, Spark’s development toolkit, supports engineers building to requirement specifications and within real operational constraints such as platform, connection reliability, quality of service, and timeliness. System Builder allows engineers to focus on the functional logic of the system rather than having to deal with low-level instruction sets that must be modified whenever implementation parameters change.

DIOS, Spark’s messaging framework, deals with exchange of data across software, operating system, hardware, and communication protocols and manages environmental issues that complicate interoperability. It also enables systems to behave dynamically, allowing hardware components to be interchanged and new functionality to be introduced over secure connections, even during operation.

  • Spark products are designed to work in many different scenarios:
  • Simplifying communication between components in integrated device networks
  • Integrating with control and communications systems to support rapid, reliable information exchange and aggregation
  • Extending service oriented architectures (SOAs) and enterprise service buses (ESBs) into the physical world by enabling the integration of enterprise applications with sensors and other devices.

Spark works with firms building communications and unmanned systems solutions where requirements include intra-system links (sensors and other devices within a specific system), inter-system communication (collaboration between different systems and remote control of sensors) and the integration of multiple systems, central control and data processing systems in powerful ‘systems of systems’ to serve complex mission requirements.


Winner – First Responder, Port & Maritime Security category

“Most Innovative Security Products & Services Competition”

TracPlus is a premium tracking service, being hardware, network and software agnostic, we are uniquely designed to allow complete interoperability and simultaneously provide a common operating picture. Our platform is designed to resolve the key issue facing agencies today, being the requirement for big picture situational awareness from a divergent range of sources and devices. TracPlus offers a proven, secure, mission-critical global tracking and data solution that seamlessly integrates a growing range of competing brands of certified tracking terminals, networks, and software interfaces used by personnel, land, sea, and air assets anywhere on the planet. Already present and used in more than 30 countries (including Antarctica), our clients include military, emergency services, and agencies, right down to individuals. The seamless incorporation of event / data reporting eliminates guesswork, reduces risk, and substantially increases efficiency and outcomes.