Security Innovation – Why San Diego?

In 2003, a small group of individuals decided to develop a conference called The Security Summit to take advantage of the fact that San Diego is a world leader in security technology development and deployment.  By virtue of the largest military presence in the world (Navy and Marines) and the host of defense contractors and small security technology companies located in this unique geographic market already well known for technology innovation (biotech, software & telecom), San Diego represented an ideal potential “test bed” for understanding, testing and deploying new security technologies.

Missing was local recognition and spirit of collaboration as a security technology community that was already addressing commercial security, defense/government, homeland security, and law enforcement/first responder fields.  From education and government to public and private sector, people were working in silos, largely unaware of complementary innovation and product development in their own backyard.

The Security Network:


The 1st annual The Security Summit was a successful one day conference on July 1, 2004.  Participants felt that an on-going organization would be useful and The Security Network ( was launched in early 2005.  The mission of The Security Network is to advance security by “Fostering Innovation through Collaboration” worldwide.  The non-profit, non-partisan The Security Network promotes rapid commercialization of dual/multi-usage, security technologies from around the world and the development of effective regional security, including having San Diego act as a national/international testbed.

The Security Network hosts intimate forums and technology exhibitions that connect security technology and solutions innovators with public / private sector organizations and defense contractors / systems integrators / distributors looking for innovative security technologies.  Each event is designed to ensure companies­ small and large­ have equal opportunity to engage potential partners, customers, and influencers from key sectors of commercial security, defense, first responders, and homeland security.  The Security Network also promotes the San Diego security cluster locally, nationally, and internationally through events and a growing set of relationships abroad and domestically, including in Washington, D.C.

Companies from a number of countries including Australia, Canada, Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the U.K, and from around the U.S. have participated in The Security Network events in growing numbers each year – a testament to the benefits derived from the collaborative approach of the events and recognition that it is about creating relationships with organizations seeking best-of-breed technologies from around the world.

The benefits derived from participation in The Security Network are be best described by our stakeholders, sponsors, members, and participants.

Bruce Roberts, SVP Technology & Advanced Development, Cubic Corporation

“There is no better example of the value of The Security Network than the access it has provided companies like Cubic to technology firms on a global scale.  The Security Network has established an environment that encourages small companies to come forward as well as facilitating opportunities for them to flourish.”

Erick Trombley, Business Development Director, Pixel Velocity, Ann Arbor, MI

“I am very impressed with the level of effort put in by The Security Network and its staff.  There are very few places I can go to meet a good blend of end user customers AND development partners.  I have encountered many opportunities that were sales and technology development related and that is truly unique.  I know of localities and states that have organizations like The Security Network but there are none that cross state or international boundaries like The Security Network.”

Harold Wolpert, CEO, Avalias, Australia

“As our second occasion participating on The Security Network Pavilion at the Regional Intermodal Transportation Security Conference, we continue to find opportunities to engage in valuable dialogue with key people responsible for many areas within this important industry.  The Security Network is an excellent forum for connecting with the right audience.”

RADM Bill Landay, former Chief of Naval Research, ONR (Office of Naval Research)

“An excellent opportunity to see innovative approaches to security issues.”

The Maritime Alliance:


As The Security Network was organizing the San Diego defense/security sector and looking at maritime security, it discovered that San Diego is a major maritime technology center reaching far beyond maritime security.  In January 2007, we launched The Maritime Alliance (initially the Center for Maritime Systems and Security).  The Maritime Alliance ( is a San Diego-based networking organization dedicated to promoting innovative maritime technologies and services across all maritime technology sectors from aquaculture and biomedicines to energy ocean, large scale floating platforms and maritime security, resulting in “Promoting the Maritime Community” in San Diego, the region, and the industry globally.  The Maritime Alliance is administered by The Security Network.


The Events:

The Security Network and The Maritime Alliance, respectively, organize a number of security and maritime related events each year including three annual conferences with exhibitions – The Security SummitThe San Diego Regional Security Conference (formerly The C4ISR, CyberSecurity, Robot Platforms & Sensors Conference); and the Maritime Collaboration Summit.- and a number of smaller, thematic events.  We also support events organized by partner organizations.

The Benefits:

Participation in The Security Network events offers a number of unique benefits:

Our events are designed to provide high visibility to all participants avoiding how smaller companies are overshadowed by large companies at traditional trade shows.  Standard registration provides 1 tabletop (6′ x 30″), with a maximum of 2 tabletops per company.

Our focus is on finding innovative COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) and MOTS (modifiable off-the-shelf) technologies and promoting their rapid adoption by end-users in homeland security, military and first response;

Exhibiting companies often report technology partnerships and potential new sales channels through contacts made at our events.

Innovative technology companies have the opportunity to interact with systems integrators that are actively seeking technology solutions to complete their systems offerings.

Each event is focused and designed to ensure that all companies have a good opportunity to meet and interact with government and private industry officials – including systems integrators, defense contractors, military and intelligence community.

We provide targeted pre-event, event and post-event promotion and communication to qualified recipients in your target markets and sectors through e-mail announcements and online through The Security Network website.

The Security Network calls itself the “gift that keeps giving” – we are not a trade show company, but rather a Network that helps participating security companies before, during, and after events.